"For me Malee is part MT, PT, Dr. Over the past few years she's helped me recover from shoulder surgery and lots of lingering injuries. She's incredibly knowledgeable and my first stop whenever something doesn't feel quite right. Unlike several other massage therapists I've been to, Malee adapts her technique based on the person and the issue; it's never just a step-by-step routine.

--Shahrad S.

"As an active individual in various sports and through day to day tension built through work I have found myself in numerous instances with muscle and joint pain. I have been a client of Malee's for many years not only because of her shear strength, should it be required, but more importantly for her knowledge of the connecting muscle tissues and pressure points to alleviate any problem. I have dealt with massage therapists for over 12 years and by far Malee understands the intricacies of the human body and can cater each session to ones exact needs."

--Shant M.

"Words can't express what a terrific massage therapist Malee is. I didn't realize now much the health of my back depended on Malee, until I moved across the country last year. Each time I return to New York there are 2 main items on my agenda: visit family, and book an appointment (or two) with Malee! My back is never the same without her!"

--Jenny S.

"Malee has a phenomenal understanding of the therapy that an athlete requires. She has my highest recommendation."

--Jon S.

"Malee is an excellent massage therapist who is skilled in a variety of modalities, including Thai massage and Deep Tissue Swedish. Her knowledge of the muscular system gives her an edge above the rest. She is very strong and her work is very effective."

--Amy G.

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